To use materials from a Circinus Business Press book for academic, corporate or institutional purposes or to use materials in a book or publication, please submit a request for use on your institution’s letterhead. Permissions take 4 to 8 weeks. Please include the following information:

Institution name
Number of copies to be made
Description of use and format (print loose, print bound, electronic)
Requestor (name, address, phone, fax, e-mail)
Title, ISBN, author and copyright year
Text to be used (page numbers, chapters, etc.) and approximate word count
Tables, charts, illustrations to be used
Price you will charge for the materials
Additional comments, if any

For academic permissions, please also include:
Course name, instructor, and semester/quarter and year course will be taught

For corporate permissions, please also include:
Purpose, instructor, if used for a training session, date and description of use

For press related permissions, please also include:
Purpose, name of publication, issue and publication date, circulation and distribution region