Our Authors

Peter McAniff and Jerilyn Castillo

Jerilyn is a Managing Director at Oaktree Capital Management in Los Angeles, California. She has worked in the mergers and acquisitions and global power and energy groups at J.P. Morgan. She currently serves on non-profit boards in her community and is a graduate of UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

Peter is an investment analyst and a member of the investment committee at Poplar Forest Capital in Pasadena, California. He is a visiting professor at Claremont McKenna College and serves on non-profit boards in his community. He has worked in the mergers and acquisitions groups at Banc of America Securities, Lehman Brothers, and J.P. Morgan. Peter holds an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA and a JD from the UCLA School of Law.

The authors believe strongly that success in any endeavor is a function of hard work and access to the proper tools. They wrote The Practitioner's Guide to Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance and The Recruiting Guide to Investment Banking to help those who have not necessarily had access to the proper tools. If these books helped you in any way or if you have comments on how to improve future editions, the authors would enjoy hearing from you.