About us

Circinus Business Press was founded in 2004 to launch the SCOOPBOOKS series of practitioner and recruiting guides for the investment banking and finance industries.

The goal of the SCOOPBOOKS series is to provide clear explanations of many of the formal and informal aspects of corporate finance. We want to provide junior professionals with finance resources and tools to help them learn more efficiently, do their work better, and come up the learning curve faster. Furthermore, we want to make the tools of M&A and corporate finance understandable, not just for junior bankers but also for the attorneys, consultants, and accountants who work alongside corporate executives on strategic transactions.

    The books in the SCOOPBOOKS series were written by experienced bankers who believe strongly that success is a function of hard work and access to the proper tools, including informative training and reference materials. In addition, more than 60 professionals with investment banking, law, strategic consulting, and industry backgrounds shared their insights and experience in reviewing portions of the books related to their areas of expertise. They and the authors hope these books help guide you on your way.