Practitioner’s Guide

The Practitioner's Guide to Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance

By: Jerilyn Castillo and Peter McAniff
Category:  Finance
Format:  Hardback, 740 pages
Price:  U.S. $95.00
ISBN-13:  978-0-9761548-0-8
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The Practitioner's Guide provides a thorough grounding in mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance for those who want to know more about the world of investment banking. A practical handbook, The Practitioner's Guide presents comprehensive explanations of the analytical processes used to evaluate and structure mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and capital raising transactions. Finance professionals, corporate attorneys, accountants, corporate development teams and MBAs will find The Practitioner's Guide essential as a resource and desktop companion.

The Practitioner's Guide to Investment Banking includes:
  • Dedicated chapters for each of the major valuation methods used in M&A, including comparable company analysis, comparable transaction analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, leveraged buyout analysis and breakup analysis
  • A multi-step description of how to perform accretion/dilution analysis and other merger consequences analyses
  • Specific sections dedicated to tactical concepts in M&A, including the benefits and challenges of using stock versus cash as an acquisition currency, the pros and cons of various methods of selling a company, fiduciary obligations of the board of directors, fixed versus floating exchange ratios, deal structuring, and mergers of equals, to name a few
  • Insights into important aspects of deal mechanics such as due diligence, players' roles, and key components of a merger agreement
  • A section on credit, including descriptions of credit ratings, the rating agencies, assessing credit risk, and how banks make lending decisions
  • A comprehensive introduction to the sources of capital available to a company, including plain vanilla debt and equity as well as more complex forms of capital such as leveraged loans, trust preferred securities, and convertible debt
  • Clear descriptions of various tax considerations, including deferred taxes, inside and outside basis, capital gains tax, and tax deferred transaction structures
  • A review of major defense techniques used to counter a hostile bid, including numerical examples of how a "poison pill" works in practice
  • Corporate Finance Basics and Financial Statement Basics, written for the practitioner by practicing finance professionals - these sections focus on what you need to know to do the job as opposed to the academic perspective often taken in traditional business and university textbooks
Suggested Uses for The Practitioner's Guide to Investment Banking
  • As a resource and desktop reference for finance professionals, corporate attorneys, accountants, corporate development teams and MBAs
  • As a welcome gift for distribution to incoming analysts and associates of investment banking, private equity and investment management as well as for distribution to existing junior professionals for continued learning and training
  • For distribution to professionals in corporate development, strategic planning, treasury, and legal departments of corporations
  • As a textbook or supplemental reader in a corporate finance or M&A training session
  • To prepare for the investment banking recruiting season
  • To prepare for an interview with a professional services firm or for a corporate development/strategic planning position
  • For inclusion in law libraries and for distribution to incoming corporate attorneys who will be working on M&sA and corporate finance transactions
  • For distribution to professionals who will be working on M&sA and corporate finance transactions at strategic consulting and accounting firms
  • As a textbook in an MBA, law school or university level mergers & acquisitions or corporate finance class
  • As a supplementary textbook or reader in an MBA, law school, or university finance or corporate strategy class
  • As a reference book in a university or career library