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The Recruiting Guide to Investment Banking

The Recruiting Guide to Investment Banking

Regular price $ 29.95
Sample pages By: Jerilyn Castillo and Peter McAniff
Category:  Business & Economics / Careers
Pages:  268
Format:  6" x 9"; paperback
Price:  U.S. $29.95
ISBN-13:  978-0-9761548-9-1
ISBN-10:  0-9761548-9-7

Intended to demystify what has historically been a closed-door world, The Recruiting Guide to Investment Banking provides insights into many of the formal and informal aspects of working on Wall Street. Here are answers to the questions many people are reluctant to ask. From an insider's view of the hiring process and an understanding of life on the job to an introduction to the technical aspects of investment banking, this book is the equivalent of having an older sibling in the business.

The Recruiting Guide to Investment Banking includes:
  • How investment banks determine their hiring needs
  • In-depth descriptions of the recruiting process
  • Suggestions for banking candidates from various backgrounds and how best to prepare for interviews
  • Matter-of-fact answers to frequently asked questions on topics including compensation, the hours, corporate policies, mentorship and diversity
  • The unspoken do's and don'ts during interviewing and once you begin working
  • A primer on financial concepts used by bankers every day
  • A discussion of corporate strategy and how companies choose to undertake strategic and financing transactions
  • An introduction to how M&A can be used to create value
  • A 45-page glossary of terms commonly used in M&A and corporate finance
  • Contact information for 50 investment banks
Suggested Uses for The Recruiting Guide to Investment Banking:
  • To prepare for the investment banking recruiting season
  • To prepare for an interview with a professional services firm or for a corporate development/strategic planning position
  • To learn about the field of investment banking
  • As a reference book in a university, career or public library